DJ Fibrotech is one of the leading FRP manufacturers in coimbatore. We are offering high quality products, diverse and increasing product range. Doing Prompt delivery for Customer content. We are Manufacturing various FRP products as per international standards and brands.

FRP Storage Tanks

We manufacture FRP Storage Tanks out of Pure FRP, PP/FRP, PPH/FRP, PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP, PVDF/FRP ranging from 1000 Ltrs to 2 Lakh Ltrs capacityto suit customers specifications. The Materialof Construction and the Resins are selected based onthe customers requirementand application.
These Tanks are available in different configurations like Cylindrical Vertical, Cylindrical Horizontal, Elliptical Horizontal, Rectangular Horizontal etc. These tanks are generally manufactured as per BS- 4994 Standards. Large Tanksare generallyfabricated at customers site.


FRP Pipes and Fittings

We manufacture FRP Pipes & Fittings out of Pure FRP, PP/FRP, PPH/FRP, PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP & PVDF/FRP ranging from Sizes 25mm to 1000 mm to suit customers specifications. The FRP Pipes are manufactured by Hand Moulding techniques in standard lengths of3mtrs, Smtrs or6mtrs lengthswith plain endsor Flanged ends.
We also manufacture suitable Pipe Fittings out of FRP, PP/FRP, PPH/FRP, PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP & PVDF/FRP like Elbows, Bends, Stub Flanges. Reducers (Concentric & Eccentric), Tees etc. The fittings can be supplied along with the Pipes as per BS orANSI orDlN Standards dependinguponthe requirement.
The Material ofConstruction forthe Pipes & Fittings and the Resins are selected based on the customers requirement.


FRP Scrubbers and Columns

We manufacture FRP Scrubbers and Columns out of FRP. PP/FRP, PPH/FRP, PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP and PVDF/FRP to handle hazardous Chemicals and Gases in various Industries. We manufacture Chlorine Drying Towers, Sulphuric Acid Washing Columns and HCL Scrubbers.
We can also offer Pollution control equipments out of FRP according to Customers requurements and specufications. The Resigns and the Material of Construction of the Scrubbers and Columns are generally selected according to the customers requirement and application.


FRP Fume Hoods

We manufacture FRP Fume Hoods out of Pure FRP to cover the Acid Fume area, Conveyor Belts, Bed Filters etc. The FRP Fume Hoods can be fabricated out ofFRP accordingto Customers requirements and specifications.


FRP Floor Gratings

We manufacture the FRP Moulded homogenized Gratings, out of rovings impregnated with resins. The FRP Gratings are ideal for most corrosive environments specifically in Chemical Plants, Paper & Pulp Industries, Food Processing Plants, Metal Finishing Industries, Water Treatment and Waste Water Plants. The FRP Gratings are Corrosion Resistant, Electrically Non Conductive, Offeryou long life, Maintenance Free, Impact Resistant, Slip Resistant, Non Sparking& Non Magnetic, Low installation cost and are available in various colours accordingtoyour requirements.
The Moulded homogenised gratings give greater mechanical strength and offer greater corrosion resistance. We can also offerFire Retardant FRP Gratings using Fire retarded resins.


FRP Lining

We undertake FRP Lining on MS / RC and Wooden surfaces both a tour work sandal so at Customers site / plant. The Resin for the FRP Lining is selected according the working Temperature and Working Pressure. The thickness of the FRP Lining is done according to customers requirement.


FRP Junction Box

Our company is regarded as a specialist in offering the most preferred range of FRP Junction Boxes. Our company is regarded as an expert in offering a wide assortment ofmoulds required for various types of junction boxes. These moulds can be used for routine production in our plant itself.


PP Tank

we are offering a distinguished collection of PP Tanks. The offered tanks are manufactured from quality assured basic material according to the customer’s details.The inconvenience of clients during installation is minimized as available in full fabricated form. We are offering our products in customize size.

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